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WebFoodPros.com: WanaBe a Chef: Student chef cutlery?
By Jero (Jero) on Sunday, December 24, 2000 - 02:23 am: Edit

I was wondering out there if any of you
experienced chefs have a preference to what brand
knives you use and which ones will be used mostly
as a culinary student? Thanks

By Cheffred (Cheffred) on Thursday, December 28, 2000 - 03:25 pm: Edit


There is no one brand of knife out their which is perfect for everyone. Your size and grip and the type of work you do all play into it. Most professional chefs I know have a variety depending on the task. As a student you will probaly be using an inexpensive stamped knife. This is fine because to many times a student knives are lost, stolen or broken. As you go through school, go into stores and trade shows, ASK YOUR CHEF and feel the different knives, find out which is most comfortable for you. You will probaly find that while the 10" Chefs Knife from Whostoff is to your liking, you would rather have the santoku from Henkels and your boning knives from Canada Cutlery etc. So while brand loyalty can be good, make sure that you like all the knives of that brand. Most important when you get ready to upgrade from your student knives to profesional knives, you will want a forges knife with a full tang and a solid handle. Look and learn and when you know what you want, then put the knives on your, christmas, birthday, graduation list. A good knife is expensive, around $100.00 for a quality name brand Chefs Knife, but if you take care of it, you should never have to replace it. It's an investment.

Hope that this helps.

Happy Holidays,


By Andapanda (Andapanda) on Thursday, July 01, 2004 - 12:25 pm: Edit

Here is a good primer on kitchen cutlery:

By Monsterkookies (Monsterkookies) on Friday, January 26, 2007 - 10:24 pm: Edit

Hey there,
I am a student, and most of the chefs/instructors use Henckles Knives at our college. I have personally used them and find them very comfortable on the hands. There is actually a good place to find them for less than retail (they can be quite expensive) on a site called marketwarehouse.com in the ktchen section. I have the five stars. I believe they are discontinued, now. But you can still get them on that site.

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