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WebFoodPros.com: WanaBe a Chef: Open & Closed box tasting
By Cheferica (Cheferica) on Thursday, March 29, 2001 - 12:48 pm: Edit

I'm applying for a sous chef job, and though I have 7 years experience cooking, I've never had to do an open and closed box tasting. What's involved? Am I cooking or tasting and commenting???? Any comments are appreciated :-)

By Debord (Debord) on Friday, March 30, 2001 - 08:12 am: Edit

Wish I knew the answer exactly. I'd guess that your supposed to make a couple items then the chef and gm will taste them when you and the other contestants (for the job) are gone...the best one wins the job?

Maybe part of the test is to see if your smart enough to ask them "what's that?"?

Good Luck!

By Panini (Panini) on Friday, March 30, 2001 - 01:05 pm: Edit

I've heard of open and closed box reffering to contests. Creating a dish using products that are given to you ahead of time. Closed box reffering to a box of unseen items.
I don't know, but I certainly would not hesitate to call and see just what they mean. I've been around for a long time in the industry and have not heard the term used regularly. Don't be embarassed, that could be their way of sorting out potential candidates.
Good Luck

By Dustman (Dustman) on Saturday, March 31, 2001 - 11:02 am: Edit

I have used a similar set up, I think, to hire potentials. What I think you will be subject to is ... You will come into the kitchen be given two boxes, one of raw(unprocessed)ingredients and one empty box for your waste. You will work probably unsupervised to compile a variety of dishes from the items provided (also using basic pantry items not in box, but make sure you can first) and you will be judged on these items as well as the waste you produce, so take care to utilize as much of the product as possible and don't be afraid to ask (it can't hurt)to use an item not in the box that you may want to use for any reason. I think that this is what will have to do for this open box thing. Good luck. Dustin

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