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By Flattop (Flattop) on Monday, January 26, 2004 - 02:56 am: Edit

Well spring semester has started and looks like it should be fun. That bastard Pastry Chef is back teaching Demonstration and show pieces. I'm really looking forward to this class. We start with the chainsaws this week. Muhahwhhahaawww!!

Spanish is gonna be challenging but fun. But what class full of 18-20 yr old cuties with chef fetishes wouldn't be. Wonder if I can get the prof to teach me the stuff I hear in the kitchen?

Wish me luck!

By Chefmanny (Chefmanny) on Monday, January 26, 2004 - 06:02 am: Edit

Sound like a job for Spike!!!!!!!
The cutie fetish part, that is!!!!!

By Chefhdan (Chefhdan) on Monday, January 26, 2004 - 08:55 am: Edit

espanol en la cosina est no problema solomente necessita un sancha para dar clases espanol privado!!! BUENO !!! NO???!!! SI!!!!!

By Chefspike (Chefspike) on Monday, January 26, 2004 - 10:25 am: Edit

"That bastard Pastry Chef is back"
What???...theres no such thing.
"18-20 yr old cuties with chef fetishes"...do not attempt any of this activity at your present level of education.
This is something you should let that "bastard Pastry Chef" handle, he is better equiped to deal with this than you.
All "fetishes and the like" should be brought to his attention for further study......
You should just "busy" yourself with STUDYING!

By Chefspike (Chefspike) on Monday, January 26, 2004 - 10:29 am: Edit

Sound like a job for Spike!!!!!!!
The cutie fetish part, that is!!!!!
.........and of course Manny is right, i do teach an advanved class, so please don't forget to mention ME, here in LA.
(room and board is included in price)
thank you.

By Corey (Corey) on Monday, January 26, 2004 - 11:39 am: Edit

spring is in the air?
carefull it don't put your eye out...

By Flattop (Flattop) on Monday, January 26, 2004 - 01:09 pm: Edit

Chef Winter is cool as hell and I'm glad to see him teaching the class. I learned a lot from him in baking and pastry and plan to audit (retake) the class next spring to further my baking skills.

By Chefmanny (Chefmanny) on Tuesday, January 27, 2004 - 06:11 am: Edit

Chef Winter, 'cool".....

By Snuffaluff (Snuffaluff) on Tuesday, January 27, 2004 - 09:43 am: Edit

lame manny..lol
Spike, you need assistance in the fetish room. Someone that can take pictures and video?!?!

By Chefspike (Chefspike) on Tuesday, January 27, 2004 - 09:51 am: Edit

i don't do THOSE kinds of rooms, what ya think i em?...some kind of LA freak!
hey flattop..so what, ya like this teacher or what???
one day hes a bastard the next hes cool?
man, just learn everything you can from him, and leave the personal judgements at home.
i have made the same mistake and its grating.
good luck.

By Chefmanny (Chefmanny) on Tuesday, January 27, 2004 - 01:00 pm: Edit

What's grating????....outside the kitchen!

By Chefspike (Chefspike) on Wednesday, January 28, 2004 - 12:44 am: Edit

as in thinking back on past mistakes...
it's grating to me to know i made those mistakes...
why?, isen't that right?
oh and stop chasing people away Manny, gosh!!!
why can't ya be more like me.
pleasent...helpful...nice...someone who listens...considerate.
my head hurts writing that stuff.

By Flattop (Flattop) on Wednesday, January 28, 2004 - 02:04 am: Edit

Chef Winter calls himself a bastard jokingly because he's made a few students cry. I think he's great and will learn as much as I can from him. I'll be posting pictures of the stuff I do in class as I go. Or links to them at least so you guys can see how I'm doing.

By Steve9389 (Steve9389) on Wednesday, January 28, 2004 - 11:18 am: Edit

Got my diploma in the mail the other day. Spent about a half-hour staring at it, then went back to cleaining the bathroom (ah, the joys of working at home). No more bastard pastry chefs for me. Most of the places I work get their desserts out of a Sysco box, after all.

My wife, who's doing her student teaching, made her first student cry yesterday. Of course, it was a fourth-grader, so it wasn't such a big challenge.

- Steve

By Chefspike (Chefspike) on Wednesday, January 28, 2004 - 11:08 pm: Edit

I made a fourth grader cry, just the other day...thing wouldn't stop staring at me so I gave it the finger, and then elwood barked and we had a good laugh!
but hey congrats on the shingle...aaron bros is having a frame sale, go buy one and hang that puppy up, in the bathroom, right next to the throne!, since your in there cleaning, now you can clean and look at it!
what fun!

By Adelie (Adelie) on Wednesday, January 28, 2004 - 11:42 pm: Edit

I envy you, Steve. If I were 40 years younger, I'd be right behind you in cooking school. Well, maybe 35. Either way, though, you have a lot of knowledge that I wish I had, and I wish you the very best as you begin your new career.

By Chefspike (Chefspike) on Wednesday, January 28, 2004 - 11:50 pm: Edit

Don't envy him, get better grades than him.
Adelie, theres nothing stopping you!

By Adelie (Adelie) on Thursday, January 29, 2004 - 12:06 am: Edit

Well, several years ago I looked into the program at the academy in South Pasadena - forget the name. They let me know that given the choice between me and a young person just beginning a career, they would choose the latter. Since their program was obscenely expensive and I wasn't sure I'd be selected, I didn't pursue it. (I was also working incredible hours at the time and totally burned out.)

But CSCA is just down the street, so I'm looking into it. There's also a program at PCC.

By Chefmanny (Chefmanny) on Thursday, January 29, 2004 - 08:31 am: Edit

I make high school kids, cry everyday, only with laughter though......if they don't try to learn though; then it can get ugly and it has!
You know how bad a high school student cries when they have to do pots or dishes for 7 weeks?????

By Steve9389 (Steve9389) on Thursday, January 29, 2004 - 09:15 am: Edit

Adelie, I'm 38, and there were friends in my graduating class 15 years older than me. The Pasadena program is a Le Cordon Bleu program, a sister to the one I went to in Chicago, and I promise -- if your check'll clear, you'd be selected.

And Spike knows I got 25 As and 1 B, so it is possible to get better grades than me. Go for it.

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