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WebFoodPros.com: WanaBe a Chef: Advice to Stage at Fat Duck
By Temperance (Temperance) on Wednesday, December 27, 2006 - 09:03 pm: Edit

Im 26 and line cook in NYC for the past 2 years. I was accepted to stage at the Fat Duck (!!!) I will be out there for 6 weeks and want to learn as much as I possibly can. Im reviewing the metric system and Larousse Gastronomique along with any thing else written on the Fat Duck( I don't know how useful it will be but can't hurt) What Im asking is besides keeping my mouth shut, my eyes open and listening to every thing around me, what advice can some seasoned veterans give me?

By George (George) on Thursday, December 28, 2006 - 12:25 pm: Edit

Get your self a sturdy pocket sized notebook. Bound, not spiral.

If you are lucky they will have you do prep for the specialty items that go on the plates, the real secrets of a place. Write the recipes down so you woun't have to ask for the recipes again and have them for the future. Rewrite the notes each night after your shift. Short hand written during the furry of a shift will mean nothing to you a year later when you want to recreate something.

With 2 years of NYC line time the might even give you a shot at the line. Write down the plates you worked on with plating and special items after your shift.

Get a small high resolution camera and keep it in your pocket. You might want to wait until the last week you are there (or until you have totally proven yourself) to use it, feel them out, use it as soon as it's OK.

I did that at the River Cafe and had a great book. So great it was stolen at another location.

Good luck have fun!


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