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By Bmak (Bmak) on Monday, November 27, 2000 - 03:26 am: Edit

i am 28 years old woman with a combined total of one and half year kitchen experience as prep cook with breaks in between due to other competing passions. the three kitchens i have been a member in, including the present one, focus on for the most part organic fresh foods...conscious of source and effects on whole body as well as taste. i am ready to commit myself to the path of mastering the art of being a chef. I enrolled and am scheduled to begin a culinary arts program at the fort laud art inst. in january 2001. the initial excitement of my plan of action has waned while waiting for the semester to begin and doubts and questions have taken its place. please offer some wisdom and advice. should i put myself in debt and go to school to get another b.a.( already have b.a from previous passion...history/literature)when i could be making a wage while learning on the job? or should i just get the certificate, less time in school and less tuition? how about not going to school at all and just working more hours at my present job? or apprenticeship? or really invest money and move to go to a school well known for health conscious foods? what are the factors that really matter aside from the hard work and dedication i am putting into my chosen path? any knowledge shared would be appreciated. thank you

By Debord (Debord) on Monday, November 27, 2000 - 08:22 am: Edit

There are so many posts/treads at this site with your exact questions and concerns. It's tooo redundant to keep repeating answers to the same questions. Then of course everyone has a slightly different opinion...You'll find the answers to your questions answered in great detail at this site, with opinions offered from many working professionals.

If you have a new question that hasen't been asked and answered please don't be shy to ask.

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