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Need advice Re: Difficult Bride to Deal With The Great Hall: Need advice Re: Difficult Bride to Deal With
By Donna (Donna) on Tuesday, July 11, 2000 - 08:22 am: Edit

I have my own catering and banquet facility and am very busy with weddings.
I have a wedding coming up in August which is driving me crazy already.
The bride informs me that there will only be 50 guests, but wants the dining area set up for 90!!!
I told her no!
She wants a buffet and I am afraid 100 guest will show up.
She works for the Canadian version of the IRS.
I'm a bit nervous as I have been audited 3 times
already (over the past 15 years)
She informs me now that she wants to bring in her own food!!!
My contract states very clearly that this is impossible for her to do.
She has become my bride from hell.
Any advice would be greatly received.
Thanks, Donna

By Mikeh (Mikeh) on Tuesday, July 11, 2000 - 08:56 am: Edit

If she signed a contract and it explicitly lists what you have already agreed upon, then I would stand firm on it. From a legal standpoint, any concessions you make require some sort of additional compensation from her in order to make them binding. I usually like to work with people and take the stance that 'we can work something out', but I won't do that at the expense of my own profit or sanity.

An organization I volunteer for has actually developed a reputation for being so picky and unflexible when renting meeting space at hotels that several hotels in our area have said "No thanks, we don't want you back." If you have the same luxury of customers banging down your door, then as a last resort you may want to consider telling her that you can't meet her expectations and breaking the contract. Just make sure it is mutual and in writing or you are liable to get sued for damages.

If Revenue Canada unconveniently decides to audit you after your bad experience with this woman, you could try to fight it and get her canned -- if you have the money sitting around for a lawyer. It is unfortunate that in our 'free' society this is even a concern.


By Donna (Donna) on Tuesday, July 11, 2000 - 04:03 pm: Edit

Thanks Mike, I needed that!!!!!

By Raine on Tuesday, July 11, 2000 - 06:15 pm: Edit

Perhaps she found a loop hole in your system. Do you charge per seat or per serving? I agree with Mikeh, stand firm on the original contract. If she plans on doubling her expected guest list, that would be her problem and not yours.

By Panini (Panini) on Wednesday, July 12, 2000 - 09:01 am: Edit

She has broken your agreement with the food issue. The reason you are in business for youself is that you can be in control. Get the letter out today informing her you will not be able to meet her needs return her deposit and move on. Your talking like she is your employer. Even if you do this party you will be posting that she would like a refund because something went wrong. Save your time and money.
Just my 2 cents as a business owner.
I just realized you said August. How long have you had this on your books? You might put in writing what you can do for her with no flexability and let her break the contract.

By Dpconsu (Dpconsu) on Friday, July 14, 2000 - 08:37 am: Edit

We have had words of difference in the past,but in this case I agree with you and the rest of the responders, I really understand your problem, I too used to run my own catering company,to the very snotty rich (in Monaco and France) imagine the hell I went through as a Yank cooking in France!) You should dump this one right now before it becomes too late for her to find some other sucker to do it! she is truely one of the customers from hell.

Hell after 15 years in business dear you should be able to dump this one and not even feel the impact. Send her a letter through your lawyer stating that you find her in "breach of contract"
return her deposit, and a copy of the original terms of your agreemnet with her breaches highlighted.
Then, "Thank her for the opportunity to do business with her and ask her not to contact you again for any further business".
If she is spupid enough to use her postion with the taxation people to get you audited again, sue the b***h! on the grounds of miss-useing her position for personal reasons.

Good luck!

By Chefjedskiccc (Chefjedskiccc) on Friday, July 14, 2000 - 10:00 pm: Edit

Hi Donna, If the bride "•••••" is so hard to please and she cannot take direction from a binding contract. Say good by. I am not familiar with the size of your company, but if your revenue line can with stand a shortfall from projeections. This might aid in bringing back good sleeping habits.

By Red Cook on Saturday, July 15, 2000 - 11:18 am: Edit


I can't add much to the others' brilliant suggestions, except that this broad is probably accustomed to throwing around her position with her government to intimidate you, and others before you, to get what she wants, no matter what rules she may have to break to get what she wants. Don't fall for it - stop this witch!

By RDB on Wednesday, July 19, 2000 - 12:27 am: Edit

I don't know what it's like there as for as regulations go, but here food is not allowed from outside sorces.It could open the door to lawsuits if the food brought in is contaminated WALK AWAY FROM THIS ONE!!! GOOD LUCK.

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