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What books to read ?? The Great Hall: What books to read ??
By Emmanuelle on Thursday, July 01, 1999 - 10:01 pm: Edit


I can't go to a cooking school yet, some other schooling to be finish first. Still I think that it is important that I keep my nose in books so I was wondering if any of you chefs would have
reading suggestions.



By Morgane on Thursday, July 08, 1999 - 04:35 pm: Edit


There are so many great books you could read before attending a cooking school. Since you do not specify a area of interest I will make a few general suggstions.

A good general book is The New Making of a Cook by Madeleine Kamman

To learn more about pastry Modern French Pastry by Yves Thuries is wonderful. It contains the recipes for all the classic french pastries.

Par votre nom, je devine que vous devez parler francais. Si tel est le cas, je vous conseilles les livres de Gaston Lenotre, peut etre moins dispendieux que les precedents mais excellent.

Bonne Lecture


By Emmanuelle on Wednesday, July 14, 1999 - 12:31 pm: Edit


Merci beaucoup de vos suggestions. Je cours vite a la librairie faire quelques achats.


By Dernaucourt Luc (Chefluc) on Tuesday, July 20, 1999 - 05:49 am: Edit


Tres rare que je participe au forum...
Mais comme l'orientation passe au Francais
C'est un plaisir de joindre.
Pour en revenir au sujet: Livre de base=
Classical Cooking (the modern way) Engen Pauli
Aussi disponible en Francais je crois
Encouragement pour votre interet pour la cuisine
Et venez me voir a
Avec mes salutations culinaires

By Emmanuelle on Monday, July 26, 1999 - 11:41 am: Edit


Merci de la suggestion. Malheureusement je n'ai pas pu trouver ce titre. Auriez-vous d'autres suggestions?



By Southern (Southern) on Tuesday, July 27, 1999 - 11:52 am: Edit

Quelle horreur! Please note that Barron's had three of Gaston Lenotre's books translated into English by Philip and Mary Hyman: "Lenotre's Desserts and Pastries" (1977), "Lenotre's Ice Creams and Candies" (1979), and "The Best of Lenotre: Glorious Desserts from France's Finest Pastry Maker" (1983). Available from out-of-print book searchers everywhere ...

By Southern (Southern) on Tuesday, July 27, 1999 - 12:58 pm: Edit


Vous pouvez encore acheter la nouvelle édition américaine de "Classical Cooking: The Modern Way" par Engen Pauli. Cependant, cette édition a été éditée par John Wiley, qui a imprimé le livre dans deux volumes (un volume pour des recettes et un volume différent pour des méthodes et des techniques) qui ont coûté US$110. Essayez de trouver la deuxième édition (celle qui Van Nostrand Reinhold édité en 1979), qui devrait seulement coûter autour US$30.

Bonne chance!

By Southern (Southern) on Tuesday, July 27, 1999 - 01:08 pm: Edit


Je n'ai pas orthographié votre nom correctement! Veuillez me pardonner. C'était une erreur typographique ...


By chris Ci on Sunday, August 15, 1999 - 01:58 pm: Edit

La Varenne Pratique

By dishwasherdennis on Sunday, November 14, 1999 - 12:01 pm: Edit

The trilogy of Books starting with"Becoming A Chef", "Becoming A chef Journal" and "Culinary Artistry". These are books about being in and being successful in the industry.

By Bourdain on Sunday, April 30, 2000 - 10:40 am: Edit

Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell

The Kitchen by Nicholas Freeling

Flash In The Pan by David Blum

The Belly of Paris by Emil Zola

The Making of a Chef by Michael Ruhlman

If You Can't Stand The Heat by Dawn Davis

and of course, the forthcoming KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL by Anthony Bourdain..available any day now in bookstores everywhere or at

By Junior (Junior) on Friday, June 22, 2001 - 04:47 pm: Edit

bouurdain, got your book,KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL. love it. got the paperback and hardcover. it's ma bible.gonna get your other books as well.dig yer writing're right. i can see it now,all these little cherries from culinary school being swept aside by the great storm that is the culinary world while Metz and co. continue to gain "influence". cryin'shame. i don't understand why people would have problems with the book. it is comparatively tame compared to some of the stuff that's going on out there. cheers. junior

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