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Sharing or Pooling Tips The Great Hall: Sharing or Pooling Tips
By p2mire on Friday, February 23, 2001 - 06:09 pm: Edit

There is a restaurant here in San Diego where all the waitstaff pools their tips, and devides them at the end of the shift between them and the bus and dishwashers. They have very little turnover, and the waitstaff working there have been at the same place for years, and make more money sharing their tips than competing for them. Everyone delivers food to any table, picks up from any table, and services any table. It's fast, friendly, and well compensated. The old school of thought doesn't like it, or the well seasoned professional waitperson, as they want all for themselves. If there's descent within the ranks, a person can be voted out of a job. Seems fair to me... After all, it should be team work. Any Thoughts....

By Yankee on Friday, February 23, 2001 - 09:12 pm: Edit

I'll go one step farther.

At Trotter's in Chicago ALL the tips go back to the house. Everyone is on salary, right down to the dishwasher. All this cash on hand makes it possible to offer 401k and benefits to everyone. Bonuses are then paid out at some point, based on sales, merit, hours, whatever for each position.

I understand from friend who worked there many years ago that, even though Trotter is a bit crazy, turnover is quite low.

I'm sure the wages at the end of the year are not that different from other high end places. But, it makes for an interesting alternative to the selfish and greedy model that most restaurants operate under.

Food for thought.

"Voted out of a job" may get you into trouble with the labor law people. Sounds more like something from "Survivor." Or was that "Incest Island," "The Bore?" I get so confused.

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