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Restaurateurs Battle "Finding Industry Website Development Professionals". The Great Hall: Restaurateurs Battle "Finding Industry Website Development Professionals".
By Bleuwolfcafe (Bleuwolfcafe) on Saturday, October 13, 2001 - 08:03 pm: Edit

As a seasoned restaurateur (9 establishments) I'm posting this message in hopes of reaching my fellow compadres in the industry.

2 Years ago, when the World Wide Web became a key factor in marketing and exposure for restaurateurs of all sizes, I took the leap, hired a "High Tech" firm, and my presence was established. But that's all. The only benefit I received from this was being able to say "We're On The Internet".
After paying thousands of dollars for technology I didn't even understand, getting blind sided by sales professionals who had no clue how the restaurant industry operates- nor how tight our family is-, I decided it was time to find an organization who focused on "Marketing" my establishment.
After detailed research, I finally found a firm owned and operated by Restaurateurs. These people really know the industry. What has impressed me the most, is that they contact me on a weekly basis to see how my site is doing, the results of the turn-around, and if I'm not happy, a rep is at my door first thing in the morning to discuss new ideas. "This is service"!
In short, to all restaurateurs who are considering purchasing a website, "Don't Spend A Ton Of Money On A Hot Dog Stand, when it's the hot dogs that make or break you!" Marketing, website management, and support are the only benefits of owning a website. This company generated a 7% increase to my bottom line during our first quarter. My up front costs were $750, and they even showed me how to deduct 60% of that from my tax returns. Best of all, they're endorsed by the National Restaurant Association.
Those interested in how to contact them, please e-mail me. Seeing success in our industry is always a pleasure.

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