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By Rbasting (Rbasting) on Wednesday, January 16, 2002 - 11:36 am: Edit

I'd be interested in hearing opinions on what you think is the best type of oven/stovetop setup. I've heard mixed messages about convection ovens and sealed cooktops.

Just trying to get a feel for what's best for all-around cooking and baking in both a personal and professional environment.


By Sam (Sam) on Wednesday, January 16, 2002 - 06:46 pm: Edit

if I had my "druthers", I would have at least 4 eyes of a flattop-sealed, 4 eyes open burners, and I prefer convection ovens - and all appliances nat gas, for all 'round cooking, that you can turn off the fans (& still heat - you wouldn't believe the manufacturers that put out convect ovens that only heat w/ fan on!)....sam sears, cec....for specialty baking & roasting other oven options are more preferable, but I choose convection for all 'round cooking...hope this helps

By George (George) on Thursday, January 17, 2002 - 09:49 am: Edit

I'd suggest a dual powered unit with electric for the oven. Some folks claim that the electric is more even heat for baking but to me the big thing is that you NEED electric if you want it to be self cleaning. (I assume it is for personal not commercial use)

As far as brands go definitely check out DCS (Dynamic Cooking Systems) You have probably never heard of them but they used to make stoves for Viking. They went independent with their own commercial and consumer lines. Best value of the lot, I got their consumer version Professional Series, 36" 6 burner with a convex and a 1200 cfm hood with heat lamps etc for less than a similar Viking, Wolf, Thermador or Garland stove alone would have cost. And I love it. One of the things I like best is the simmer feature on the burners which give a constant 800 BTUs simmer that is great for stocks. (it's a totally separate burner in the middle of their normal 16,000 BTU burner and each burner has one.

All but the thermador are a pain to clean because of the nature of a commercial style cook top (all the pieces) but that is out weighed by the performance in my opinion. The thermador has a sealed cooking surface but this hurts airflow and therefore cooking performance.

What ever you get make sure the oven can hold a full sheet pan. It makes cooking for large groups much easier.


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