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New Career Center- Chef Position Descriptions The Great Hall: New Career Center- Chef Position Descriptions
By George (George) on Monday, January 21, 2002 - 01:03 pm: Edit

Hi Folks,

I'm nearing the end of totally redoing my EOL site and I need your help.

I have added a Career Center section with a feature called "Chef Position Descriptions"

I'm looking for Chefs from around the US and world to answer a few questions to help future Culinarian's and those looking for new horizons get an idea of what career options are available in our industry from those that currently hold them.

I hope to have several/many different positions and perspectives on those positions so I have a format for the "interviews". You can just copy and paste the questions as a new message here or if your wish you can send me the information in an e-mail . All folks that take the time to complete all the questions in a thoughtful manner will recieve a small gift. (Not sure yet what it will be)

Thanks for your help!


Copy and paste into a new message from here down-

Chef Position Descriptions-

Position Title.

Position Description.

Education required for the position.

Experience required for the position.

What is a typical workweek like?

What is a typical workday like?

What do you especially like about the position?

What do you especially dislike about position?

What are your future goals?

Are you ACF Certified and Why or Why not?

For Culinary positions in your region how would you rate your pay scale?
Below Average, Average, Above Average, High, Very High

Does the position offer:

Health Care Benefits?

Sick Leave?

Paid Vacation?

Enrichment Programs?

Dues for Professional Organizations?

Time off for Professional Seminars?


Your Name


Web Site Address

Comments not covered here.

Do you want the above included?

Do you wish to include a picture?

All submissions subject to editorial review and approval.

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