The Great Hall
That guy that sells the knives on t.v. The Great Hall: That guy that sells the knives on t.v.
By Chefspike (Chefspike) on Sunday, August 25, 2002 - 08:41 pm: Edit

Anyone seen that guy, dressed as a chef, with the different colored scarf and apron selling those knives?
The big FAT guy?
With the NEW YORK accent....
Ya think he's a real chef?

By Chefspike (Chefspike) on Sunday, August 25, 2002 - 08:42 pm: Edit

oh, and he sells the pancake cooker.
God help us.............

By Corey (Corey) on Sunday, August 25, 2002 - 10:40 pm: Edit

and uses those ginsu knifes?

By Peachcreek (Peachcreek) on Sunday, August 25, 2002 - 11:54 pm: Edit

Seen him today- "Chef Tony". Selling the "Miracle blade III". I'm not necessarily going to run out and order them, even though in the infomercial they were ooohed and ahhhed over at a culinary school in France! Wow! What a testimonial! Of course, they cut away to the audience, and you never saw the students actually use the knife. You just had the chef guy standing there sawing away at all kinds of s#it. But thats'pretty much like a few chefs I've worked for. So I dunno.

By Chefspike (Chefspike) on Monday, August 26, 2002 - 12:10 am: Edit

YES!!!! chef Tony.
what the hell is that?
why, would anyone trying to sell knives to the culinary world get someone like that and dress him up like that?
its a joke!

By Peachcreek (Peachcreek) on Monday, August 26, 2002 - 12:27 am: Edit

I don't think he is any wierder than some chefs I have known. And lets face it-at least he has knife skills and he isn't so paranoid that he won't talk to people, so he probably isn't real high at work. So what if he is an incompetant exhibitionist- he looks like a chef to the outside world. And that doesn't seem to stop anybody else who has more sellability than substance. Could be worst. I'm still not buying a knife, though.

By Snuffaluff (Snuffaluff) on Monday, August 26, 2002 - 10:08 am: Edit

does it really matter what he looks like? It's about the knife isn't it? I mean, heck, give the best knives in the world to a dirty, non-bathed bum from the street, and he can sell em, cause they really sell themselves. So the real question is, Are those knives really worth a flip?

I'm not disagreeing that he looks retarded up there, but what infomercial guy doesn't. How bout the "orange glow" cleaner guy... he's sillier than "chef" tony.

By Point83702 (Point83702) on Monday, August 26, 2002 - 07:09 pm: Edit

I sometimes wonder if confidence is mistaken for competence in all fields.

By Chefrev (Chefrev) on Monday, August 26, 2002 - 09:16 pm: Edit

Confidence WITHOUT competence only works for so long. It's called arrogance. I've worked with folks who talked a good game but when it came down to it, they were just average at best. Like the Star Wars prequels, they don't live up to their own hype.

I worked with one little snot-nosed gard manger chef who came off like he was God's gift to the culinary arts cuz he'd worked at the "Hershey Hotel and Convention Center" (he actually referred to it like that every time he said it)....Long story short, he's now a salesman in his father-in-law's business. Nuff said.

By Chefspike (Chefspike) on Wednesday, August 28, 2002 - 01:34 am: Edit

it does matter what they look like.
people would always say, "how come your not fat, you'd think you'd be fat"
why do people think if your a chef, your fat?
and I've never known a chef that dresses that way.
the whole thing is frigg'in stupid.
and so's that stinking pancake cooking thing.
it sucks......
tomorrow i'll tell ya what i really think

By Snuffaluff (Snuffaluff) on Wednesday, August 28, 2002 - 12:10 pm: Edit

LOL... hey, I"m people tell me I'm outta shape and I reply... wrong, I have a great
I agree that he looks rediculous, and the pancake thing.. please, how hard is it to flip a pancake. It's hilarious how they make the simplest things look soooo hard.

By Chefspike (Chefspike) on Wednesday, August 28, 2002 - 07:32 pm: Edit

it's not that HE is fat, or for that matter anyone else.
It's that, that's all you see on TV is fat,or large chefs or people playing chefs.
maybe people think that if your skinny you must not eat your own cooking. LOL,LOL

By Snuffaluff (Snuffaluff) on Thursday, August 29, 2002 - 12:13 am: Edit

You've never heard the saying, Don't trust a skinny chef? lol I think you said it "people think that if you're skinny... ... eat your own cooking.
Probably true too other than the "taste for seasoning". Which raises the question is my mind... who cooks dinner at home? lol

By Chefmanny (Chefmanny) on Thursday, August 29, 2002 - 07:58 pm: Edit

All these silly looking guys are laughing all the way to the bank!!!!! Who cares what they look like. Tony looks pretty handy with the knives, what the hell are you guys whining about!!!!!

By Snuffaluff (Snuffaluff) on Friday, August 30, 2002 - 02:51 pm: Edit

whining? just pointing something out... and still noone has answered the question... are those knives worth a flip?

By Chefspike (Chefspike) on Saturday, August 31, 2002 - 12:31 am: Edit

you tell em snuff, don't let these guys push you around.
who cares about the knives?

By Peachcreek (Peachcreek) on Saturday, August 31, 2002 - 07:19 pm: Edit

I still have a couple of TV knives that I picked up somewhere. I have one of the original Amazing Ginzu knives that gets used occasionally when I have to cut cardboard or an aluminum can then quickly slice a tomato afterwards. And at least by having the Amazing Ginzu around I know I will NEVER be reduced to trying to smash a watermelon with my foot instead of being able to serve perfect paper-thin slices. Thats one less thing to worry about. I think I may have an old Miracle Blade floating around too. These were .50 thrift store finds, I did'nt buy them new.

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