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My Restau-RANT, emphasis on RANT The Great Hall: My Restau-RANT, emphasis on RANT
By Chefrev (Chefrev) on Thursday, August 07, 2003 - 03:41 pm: Edit

OK, my turn to rant. I need to get some things off my chest about some idiots at my restaurant.

I am frustrated when other staff don't seem to give a fig for the quality of their work, or expect to be paid for goofing around most of the time.

Case in point: This Monday came into work in AM and found, a double boiler pot left in the walk-in with the dregs of my soup (made the day before) crusted in the bottom, with a ladle still in the pot. No cover, no attempt to do anything with the pot other than not have to wash it or even dump out the soup.

If that wasn't bad enuf, I found somebody's craft project on the line: a freakin tiara made out of aluminum foil! They had no time to deal with leftover soup properly, but they had time to make a cute little crown for themselves.
OK it was a Monday, and it was dead, but COME ON! How lazy can one be?!

Don't get me wrong, I like to enjoy at myself work too, but I also kick it into gear and do my job. I joke around with coworkers, and then I do what I'm paid to do. I am NOT claiming to be perfect, but I can't stand to see others fooling around when there's stuff to be done.

Am I overreacting? Should I just do my own work and get over the little crap that others do/don't do? Help me out here, please. Thanks.

By Chefmanny (Chefmanny) on Thursday, August 07, 2003 - 04:55 pm: Edit

Rev, Rev, Rev, look at the bright side, they did put the soup in the cooler!!!!
Soundss like you're working at Rocco's!!!????
May I ask your age? You sound like me now and, I (You) sound like the Chef I worked for when I was 15!!!
I think it's a ciclical thing in business, you get the smegma of life for a number of years, then you have an upswing (1974 last one!!!)
I think it's God's sense of humor!
Kind of like when Sam Kinison cleaned up, stopped drinking, the drugs, the hookers...then he wraps his Corvette around a tree!!! God does have a sense of humor!!!!
I see the same behavior in students in school, one or two do well the rest will be Denny's fry cooks the rest of their life! If that!!!!!

By Chefrev (Chefrev) on Thursday, August 07, 2003 - 09:52 pm: Edit

I'll be 40 in Sep. and I'm beginning to think I'm getting that cantankerous old fart's disease. Most of the kids I work with (and some ARE kids) are in their 20's. Others were in kindergarten when I graduated college in 1986! The exec. chef in our upscale restaurant across the street is 23!!!
It's a darn good thing that I'm bivocational (I'm also a pastor at a local church) or I'd really feel like I was wasting my time in food service.

It's not just the kids who are the problem, but I DO see a lack of commitment from many of the younger generation with some rare exceptions. So young men and women on this discussion board, please show an old fart he's wrong and excell in what you do, and show you love it even when things are tough.

By Chefmanny (Chefmanny) on Friday, August 08, 2003 - 12:08 am: Edit

I'm 43 now, I hear you!!!!!
You can't be a Chef at are a good cook at best a that time of your life!!!!!
I became a "Chef" at 22 because the Chef where I was a Sous at walked out into the middle of Biscayne Blvd., in Miami drunk and got hit by a car!!!!
The GM came out to the midle of the street as the rescue squad was there and said to me; you know what's going on tonight in the kitchen and I said "yes"; of course and he said; good you're the Chef until he's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Snuffaluff (Snuffaluff) on Friday, August 08, 2003 - 02:07 am: Edit

I'm just starting out at the ripe age of 25(6 in aug). All I can do is pray that everything goes the correct way, and study/work my arse off.

By Peachcreek (Peachcreek) on Saturday, August 09, 2003 - 02:40 pm: Edit

Chefrev, its not that people are lazy but that people don't understand the consequences of their work and behavior. Its probably the single toughest thing I try to do: make people give a s#it.

By Flattop (Flattop) on Saturday, August 09, 2003 - 06:44 pm: Edit

I've notice in many of the jobs I've had that often the case. Some don't care enough to put enough effort into the job. Others often believe they don't get paid enough to put any added effort into their work. Regardless of the reason it's bullshit. If you don't want to do the job right, find another job that you enjoy you belong doing what you're doing.

Oh yeah I guess I'm younger, I'm starting out at 36

By Corey (Corey) on Saturday, August 09, 2003 - 07:53 pm: Edit

Bars are the worst for this stuff too, no one cares, I come in most days 30 mins early
just to "decrust" and r&r the food. I eat at buffets sometimes too, and see this all the
time, the steam tables do it too the food, sometimes the chef stays on us to keep the
food looking good. sometimes the food is so old it could eat it self if it wanted too. like
we say on the buffet, eat it while it's still unconsious. and people taking my tools without asking is a big gripe too, I have to keep mine locked in my knife box now all the time.

By Point83702 (Point83702) on Wednesday, August 13, 2003 - 07:38 pm: Edit

My mom likes to say, " You never have time to do it right, but you'll always find time to do it again." I don't know where she got it, but i've used it more than once in the kitchen.

By Babycarrot (Babycarrot) on Thursday, August 14, 2003 - 06:23 pm: Edit

There is nothing more intolerable than a cook who has no respect for food or his co-workers. We are in this business because we have a passion for culinary art and for happy customers; otherwise why bother?
I can only take comfort in the fact that lazy unmotivated individuals will settle to the bottom and others who take pride (and pleasure)in their work will rise to the top.
By the way, I am twenty-four and the dedicated chef of my kitchen.

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