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My churros are melting.......My churros are melting....... The Great Hall: My churros are melting.......My churros are melting.......
By Chefgibz0 (Chefgibz0) on Sunday, September 19, 2004 - 02:14 pm: Edit

I made churros for dessert for the Club Members the other night. I followed the recipe. Batter was cool enough, piped nicely, very tasty. Tried three diffent temps to cook. At all temps the outer layer of the churro just seemed to flake off of the "cookie" as it fried. Had two Texans workin with me. They said they tasted great but did not know why they "melted". Anyone have any ideas why this happened??

By Cheftim (Cheftim) on Sunday, September 19, 2004 - 05:11 pm: Edit

It's hard to tell without a recipe. My guess is there was not enough eggs in the batter.
Churros are the same as crullers or zeppolini.
A sweet puff paste that is deep fried.
So off the top of my head
1# flour
1# water
8 oz butter
6 oz sugar
12-16 eggs

Bring water, butter and sugar to a boil add flour and mix until a ball is formed. Put dough in mixer and beat a few second to cool the add eggs one at a time making sure they are fully incorporated before adding the next. Add egg until you get the right consistancy. Push through a pastry bag with a large star tip into 375 oil until brown. Dredge in powdered or cinnamon sugar while hot.

By Chefgibz0 (Chefgibz0) on Sunday, September 19, 2004 - 06:22 pm: Edit

The recipe was;
1 cup flour
1 cup flour
2 T. oil
1 T. sugar
cinnamon and sugar to roll in.
It did not call for eggs, and the temp that I found worked best was 350. Could it have been the eggs?? it still had the consistency of Choux paste.!

By Cheftim (Cheftim) on Sunday, September 19, 2004 - 07:14 pm: Edit

Yeah, the eggs.

By Andapanda (Andapanda) on Tuesday, September 21, 2004 - 09:08 pm: Edit


Here's a recipe/formula from On Baking(pp. 298, 286, 376) by Sara Labensky(paraphrased to save space here):

CHURROS(Fluted Mexican Doughnut Sticks, p. 298):
Yld: 2 1/2 doz. pastries.
Eclair Paste(p. 286) [Note Choux paste.] 2 lbs
Gran. sugar 4 oz.
Cinnamon, ground 0.2 oz.(1 T.)[Note: I think that this might have been a typographical error because 1 T. = 0.5 oz., while 1 t. = 0.17 oz.; 1 1/4 t. = 0.21 oz.]
Chocolate Fudge Sauce(p. 376) as needed
1.) Place Eclair Paste in pastry bag w/ med. star tip.
2.) Heat deep fat to 375 F. Pipe 6-in. long strips of Eclair Paste into the fat, cutting the Eclair Paste w/ small knife into uniform lengths. Allow the pastries to swim freely in the fat. Deep-fry the dough until golden brown.
3.) Combine the sugar and cinnamon in a large bowl. Toss the hot churros in the sugar mixture to coat. Serve the churros while still hot with a cup of warmed Chocolate Fudge Sauce for dipping.

Yld: 2-2 1/2 lb. dough.
Milk(for crisper product, replace milk w/ water) 8 fl. oz.
Water 8 fl. oz.
Salt 0.3 oz(1 1/2 t.)
Unsalted butter 7.5 oz.
All-Purpose flour 8 oz.
Eggs 8.3-11.5 oz.(5-7 eggs) [ChefgibzO: Look here!--Eggs! Eggs-actly. Excuse the pun.]
Total dough wt.: 2 lb. 8 oz - 2 lb. 11 oz.
1.) Preheat oven 425 F. Line sheet pan w/ parchment. Have pastry bag w/ tip ready.
2.) Place milk, water, salt, sugar, butter in saucepan. Bring to boil. Make sure butter is melted.
3.) Remove from heat, add flour. Beat dough by hand. Put pan back on heat, cont. beating dough until it comes away from sides of pan. Dough should look dry and leave film in saucepan.
4.) Transfer dough to mixer bowl w/ paddle, allow to cool to 130 F. Begin beating eggs one at a time.
5.) Cont. to add eggs one by one until mixture is shiny but firm. May not be necessary to use all eggs. Dough should pull away from sides of bowl in thick threads.
6.) Put dough in pastry bag, pipe onto sheet pan. (Spray inside of pastry bag w/ veg. cooking spray before filling bag to facilitate easier cleaning afterwards.)
7.) Bake 425 F/10 mins, reduce to 375 F, bake another 10 mins. Gradually reduce oven temp. until 200 F or until the shapes are brown and dry inside. Open oven door as little as possible.
8.) Cool completely, fill as desired. Leftovers can be frozen or stored at room temp.

Yld: approx. 1 gal.
Heavy cream 2 qt.
Light corn syrup 6 fl. oz.
Gran. sugar 8 oz.
Bittersweet chocolate 4 lb.
1.) Combine cream, corn syrup, sugar in saucepan, bring to boil, stirring constantly.
2.) Chop chocolate, place in large bowl.
3.) Pour hot cream over chocolate, stir until completely melted.
4.) Store well covered and refrigerated, Gently rewarm over a bain marie if desired.
MINT CHOCOLATE FUDGE SAUCE--Bring cream to boil and steep 1 oz. finely chopped fresh mint leaves in cream 10 mins. Strain, proceed w/ formula.

(ChefgibzO: Please e-mail me off the forum and we'll discuss the NWO and other 'politically incorrect' subjects.)

By Chefmanny (Chefmanny) on Wednesday, September 22, 2004 - 08:36 am: Edit

????????????????Dude send us some of whatever you are on!!!!!!!

By Chefrev (Chefrev) on Thursday, September 23, 2004 - 08:29 pm: Edit

Andapanda's thorough, you gotta give him that. Verbose, but thorough.

By Chefmanny (Chefmanny) on Friday, September 24, 2004 - 05:55 am: Edit

Those were never the carnival's churros!!!...and they are the best!!!

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