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Best resources for a pot rack The Great Hall: Best resources for a pot rack
By Adelie (Adelie) on Friday, December 03, 2004 - 12:24 am: Edit

We are moving next week and I finally will have a place for a pot rack. I'd like a sturdy one suspended from four points (as opposed to two) and I don't want any foofoo on it - just a good strong well-designed pot-rack with a strong grid to hold my approx. 20 pots and pans.

Are there any special brands I should be looking for, or places I should be looking? Most of what I'm seeing looks pretty wimpy - mostly for show, from their looks.

By Foodpump (Foodpump) on Friday, December 03, 2004 - 09:53 am: Edit

If you really want a good one, treat the shopping process as a quest, and don't plan on installing it for at least a couple of months.

Most kitchen boutiques have some, but for the most part they are flimsy dust magnets. Ikea might be worth checking out, they usually have one or two decent models. The commercial kitchen equipment suppliers will have a few models too, and if you don't see what you're looking for, ask the salesperson to look through catalouges of mfctrs who do make them.

Then there's the utlimate route. After a few weeks of your quest, you realize that the rack you want doesn't exist. So you sketch out your ideas and bring them to a blacksmith for a quote.
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By Adelie (Adelie) on Friday, December 03, 2004 - 11:20 am: Edit

I think I'll hit the restaurant equipment district first - boutiques tend to be underperforming and overpriced, mostly for the folks who buy consumer ranges wrapped in Viking looks. The only thing I get from the W-S catalogs is some nice recipes.

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