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By George (George) on Sunday, October 08, 2000 - 11:21 am: Edit

Move from Bakers Dozen.

Panini said:
Hey, I know you'll are busy but I need some feedback on my site. I just purchased Dreamweaver-fireworks, and I'm
about to embark on editing my own site. This should be fun. The last time I tried to do something it was down for

By Yankee on Saturday, October 07, 2000 - 03:12 am: Edit

Actually, I picked up a copy of Dreamworks to set up a site for our url. But, my attention span hase been too short of late to deal with it. How about some feedback on Dreamworks?

Whip it, whip it good.

I'll case your site on Sunday, after the Sunday NYT and the Niner/Raider game. Ooops, got a Giants game in there too. Well, maybe Monday.

By Cheftim (Cheftim) on Saturday, October 07, 2000 - 03:07 pm: Edit

Panini and Yankee,
May I humbly suggest you take a look at
The Society Of Mad Chefs, Chapter Website Resources at

While it has been developed for Local ACF chapters the resources and articles can be used by anyone developing a site.

By raine on Saturday, October 07, 2000 - 03:51 pm: Edit

Hey Panini, your site looked good.

Probably not the kind of feed back your looking for, but... how did you get the beveled edge on the bride's cake #2? Is that a specialty pan set or did you use a knife?

By Panini (Panini) on Sunday, October 08, 2000 - 04:16 am: Edit

Hey Cheftim,
Thanks for the tip.Ya know I really follow formulas and pay attention to details when I'm in the kitchen. But when it comes to things outside the kitchen I usually dive right in and fight my way through. I always tell my wife that the DIRECTIONS are just the manufacturers suggested way of doing things. It took me 4 hrs. tonight to figure out how to work the new satellite dish while my wife sat there laughing at me. Good one for the shrink ha.

By George (George) on Sunday, October 08, 2000 - 11:39 am: Edit


Wow, Dreamweaver and Fireworks big guns and big bucks for someont that doesn't do this full time. I do all the graphic work here with Fireworks and love it. Haven't been able to get a handle on Dreamweaver yet, it's to WYSIWYG for me, but do wish I could get comfortable with it because of its site management abilities.

Your site is very pretty but there is one big problem. All the text is in graphics, not in plain ole html text. This is generally considered bad because when a search engine scans it, it doesn't see anything so you esentially don't get indexed. Also visitors that have graphics turned off don't get anything and folks with non standard browsers (like text readers for the blind)don't get anything.

My guess is you will be fixing this with your new super tools.

All the Best,


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