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Shark Fin Soup ? The Great Hall: Shark Fin Soup ?
By George (George) on Tuesday, September 07, 1999 - 10:12 pm: Edit

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By lynne on Monday, September 06, 1999 - 02:54 pm: Edit

can someone out there please give me a receipe for shark fin soup? george advised me to come here....thanks lynne

By Chefluc (Chefluc) on Wednesday, September 08, 1999 - 12:49 am: Edit

Shark fin soup is first of all an exelent double boiled stock made from chicken (old) and pork and Hunan dry ham.
Ingredients for 8
One old chicken
One Kg of pork bones
80 g of Hunan ham
One onion
200 g carottsmn
100 g chinese celery
Blanch first chicken and bone rince and put back in the cooking pot with 4 liters of cold water.
Simmer for 6 to 8 hours.
At this stage you have the choice to use the stock as it is or strain it and reboil with an other chicken and pork bone for 4 more hours.
To finish the shark fin soup you need:
350 g of dried shark fin or
400 g of ready to use shark fin
100 g of chinese dry mushrooms
3 to 5 eggs
Dark soy sauce (color and taste)
Eventualy 200 g chicken breast julienne
80 g Hunan ham julienne
60 to 80 g corn starch
Chinese red vinegar to be served separatly

For dried shark fin: wash and rince boil in water an hour clean and rince again separate the fin and cook in the stock for 3 hours
For chinese mushroom soak in hot water 20 minutes braised for 3 to 4 hour until cooked and cut into julienne.
Finish soup:
Add mushroom julienne, Hunan ham julienne and chicken breast julienne into the soup.
Simmer for 10 minutes.
Att this moment you may add 5 cl of a good chinese wine.
Ajust color and seasoning with dark soy sauce salt and white pepper.
Drop in eggs while boiling (as a stratacheli)
Thicken with corn starch mixed with water up to your taste but to thick is not recomended.
Decorate with chinese parsley leaves and served with chinese vinegar a side
Bon appetit!

By Rspano (Rspano) on Wednesday, September 22, 1999 - 09:32 pm: Edit

i thought that shark's fin soup wasn't really politically correct these days?

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