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Butter ,Kafir lime leaves, Avacado leaves,tortialls.....? The Great Hall: Butter ,Kafir lime leaves, Avacado leaves,tortialls.....?
By Helene on Thursday, April 13, 2000 - 02:40 pm: Edit

Some questions : (1) How much salt is in a # of butter (how many teaspoons)? When substituting sweet or salted butter in baking this can be trouble.
(2) Kafir lime leaves- are they really from a lime tree ?(3)Can I use my own lemon plants leaves in cooking?
(4) For Mexican food some recipes call for avacado leaves. Can I use the dried leaves of my avacado plant? If so which plant the Hass or California Avacado? Are the leaves on both edible?(5) I make homemade tortillas But they immmediately stiffen up & I can,t roll them (like for burittos). What can I do to keep them pliable?

By andigold on Saturday, April 15, 2000 - 08:41 pm: Edit

Hi Helene, The only 1 I can help you with is the Lime. Kaffir limes are indeed lime trees, they are subtropical but I have 1 growing, slowly & painfully, on my balcony, in Melbourne Australia. They produce a small wizened black fruit the flesh of which is not much use. The zest & the leaves however are wonderfully fragrant and an essential ingredient in Thai, Laotian & Vietnamese cuisine. The leaves are also great just shredded in a salad or over fish. I have never used lemon leaves in cooking so I can't help there. Maybe just try it on a small portion & see how it turns out. Regards Andrew

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