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I was a Chef on Ready, Set, Cook! The Great Hall: I was a Chef on Ready, Set, Cook!
By ChefMalik on Sunday, October 03, 1999 - 01:40 am: Edit

You tape 5 episodes of RSC, all are against the same chef competitor. Each show has a central theme and the food fits into that. So for the third show of the day, Rebecca and I know about 1 minute before the show starts that the tasters will be kids, 10 & 11 year olds. The show starts, we head out to the audience to pick our assistant and fall in at our kitchens. Sissy says lift the dome and let's look at today's ingredients.....LIVER!!!! Plus lima beans, brussel sprouts, beets and onions! I am HORRIFIED! Remember, I am cooking for 11 year olds! I look over at the 3 kids that will be tasting the food and they are horrified as well. Yikes! We get a 2 minute break in which we are supposed to decide what we will cook and the show has 2 chefs on staff that will come out and help you with suggestions. I have a Deer in the Headlights look! "Do you need an idea" Robert says. "Where is the backdoor" I said.

By W.DeBord on Sunday, October 03, 1999 - 11:49 am: Edit

What is RSC? This sounds interesting, what did you do?? Who set you up?

By ann on Sunday, October 03, 1999 - 11:01 pm: Edit

What happened? Did the other chef get the same ingredients? Who won???? How did you get on the show?

By Gord on Monday, October 04, 1999 - 01:33 am: Edit

I saw that episode. If memory serves correctly, you correctly answered the "skill testing question" (was it about fish?)and gained a secret ingredient (although I can't remember what that was). One thing though...they showed the food presentation and the scores the kids gave but I don't recall them actually showing the kids eating the food. How did that go?

By Chefdejon (Chefdejon) on Tuesday, October 05, 1999 - 09:46 am: Edit

we have our own version of R,s,c in new zealand it is a very good program.If youre wondering what it is like,its just like a magic box competition,only its televised and u get a partner that cant cook.BTW is competition cooking
done in the usa alot?

By Chefmalik on Sunday, October 17, 1999 - 02:04 am: Edit

Ready, Set, Cook! Sorry for the delay, but the rest of my story was chopped off & I didn't know. So I am stuck and Sissy whispers I would just do something sweet; Robert says, I would fry it. For the first time in my career I am stuck!! OK, I decide to fry it, I slice this huge liver and get the oil going and I hear Rebecca say "I am gonna fry my liver"...That's out! I know, I decide to dredge it in cocoa powder and flour, fry it and finish it in tomatoes with brown sugar, butter and cream. I am thinking "my 2 year old would love this!" HA! Big difference in the palate of a chef's son and the palate of an 11 year old! I make a cream & cheese casserole with the limas & sprouts, poach matchsticks of beets and finish with butter and fry the eggplant to dip into the liver sauce!! WHAT was I thinking!! cont....

By Chefmalik on Sunday, October 17, 1999 - 02:16 am: Edit

Ready, Set, Cook! part3 Here comes the mystery ingredient! It's licorice spaghetti! I pass it to Rebecca and now I realize how badly I am gonna get beat. Rebecca has made PBJ's!! Here's the trick, there is a pantry full of standard items like flour, oil, vinegars, Tabasco, bread, p-nut butter, honey & marmalade. Like a fool I have ignored this stuff...Too Late, I am in too deep with my braised liver. You have to use everything they give you but not the entire amount, so Rebecca has used a little liver and everything else in addition to making PBJ's....and now she takes the licorice and twirls it around her plate of pbj's for garnish. Tasting time and these kids look like they are on death row! They struggle mightily with both liver dishes and wash out the flavor with.......PBJ's and licorice. Rebecca cleans house and I am destroyed by a panel of 11 year olds!

I had the time of my life.

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