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Research/History sites?? The Great Hall: Research/History sites??
By George (George) on Friday, October 29, 1999 - 08:51 am: Edit

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By Sistermom (Sistermom) on Thursday, October 28, 1999 - 11:18 pm: Edit

It seems to be very difficult finding sites that feature the Culinary Arts throughout History. As a student I am to maintain certain requirements in theory class, and on-line sites are difficult to find for research. Recipes are a dime a dozen, but data is not. Sites in demand range from Foods and Tools, to Presentations and Technics. It would be great to search "History of....." plug in a word or two, and at least have something other then a recipe come up. Any ideas out there?

By Floyd Misek on Friday, October 29, 1999 - 11:40 am: Edit

Here's some help. Go to alta vista. Under recreation and travel, click on Food. Then, under Topics, click on Historic. This may get you somewhere with your research. Good Luck, Floyd The Food Guy in Rochester

By Ozdreamer (Ozdreamer) on Saturday, October 30, 1999 - 01:27 am: Edit

G'day, Try the news group

and try this page has a few good links,

Good Luck, Glen

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