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By tj on Friday, January 28, 2000 - 04:14 pm: Edit

i noticed that there are soo many good topics on this forum but no one responds to most of them for months....

By Ramodeo (Ramodeo) on Friday, January 28, 2000 - 04:40 pm: Edit

I wouldn't presume to speak for others, but I usually search for the threads which have had contributions in the last week. Responding to those uses up the limited amount of time I have to spend at the computer, but I love to see old topics resurrected if someone has somnething new and helpful to add.

By momoreg on Friday, January 28, 2000 - 06:31 pm: Edit

I usually check the postings for the last day, unless I have extra time in the day. Like now. I have a big bandage on my foot, and I'll be home for 6 weeks. Computer junkie? Nah, not me!

By Charles on Saturday, January 29, 2000 - 09:50 pm: Edit


It takes a lot of valuable time to read these postings and then make a posting with this new format. I posted regularly at one time, although things move a lot slower now and I just dont have all day.

No offense to George but I find that the CEU forum is so much quicker to operate right now. Although, it is not getting a generous amount of postings at this time either.


Charles Rivers

By tj on Sunday, January 30, 2000 - 09:32 pm: Edit

what is the CEU forum?

By Charles on Tuesday, February 01, 2000 - 12:05 pm: Edit


CEU: Cyebrchefs Electronic Union

Do a search because I know that if I post the link it will be deleted within the hour.



By tj on Tuesday, February 01, 2000 - 08:43 pm: Edit

why would it be deleted?

By George (George) on Tuesday, February 01, 2000 - 09:59 pm: Edit

Advertising for websites, posted by the owners of the sites, that aren't in response to a question get deleted. (that's Spam)

When a visitor/contributor here offers a resource it is welcomed.

So Chef Charles be my guest. (I'd do it but I don't know it off the top of my head)

All the Best,


By George (George) on Tuesday, February 01, 2000 - 10:04 pm: Edit

BTW what is slowing down these forums the most is their popularity. (and that's why the occasional server occur) Hopefully by the middle of the spring I'll be able to move to a much more powerful platform.



By Charles on Wednesday, February 02, 2000 - 07:10 pm: Edit

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