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I used the wrong type of YEAST!

The The Bakers Dozen: I used the wrong type of YEAST!
By BakerBoy on Sunday, April 02, 2000 - 08:31 pm: Edit

I have been making a pizza formula in my textbook(I saved all my textbooks from school). This one is from Professional Baking. I was just reading the ingredients chapter . I have been using active dry yeast every time!!. The book says that every formula in the book calls for compressed yeast!!!. I have not found anything wrong with the pizza, and I didn't convert the compressed yeast to active dry!!??!?!. I just happend to be reading the ingredient chapter today. Too bad I hadn't read it before I made it the first time. Nothing went wrong though! This is really upsetting..Please E-mail me at with your responses!

By Mikeh (Mikeh) on Monday, April 03, 2000 - 12:56 am: Edit

1 oz. of compressed yeast is equivalent to 1/2 oz. of active dry. Essentially, you were using twice as much yeast as is required. Your doughs are going to move much faster and you will lose flavor because of the decreased fermentation and proofing time, but I'm not surprised that you still were able to bake good pizza.

By jeee2 on Monday, April 03, 2000 - 07:41 am: Edit

The only thing I can taste when eating pizza is gasoline, the combination of canned sauce and cheap tasteless cheese(mozzarela). How you can taste the dough is beyond me.

By Mikeh (Mikeh) on Monday, April 03, 2000 - 08:11 am: Edit

I make pizza with a dough that goes through two builds and is fermented for 48 hours. Add to that a pesto or fresh tomato sauce, a moderate selection of nice cheeses, and toppings that sparsely cover the dough -- no extra cheese and pepperoni gut bombs. Not only can you taste the dough, but it tastes a whole lot better than much of the bread that Safeway sells.

By jeee2 on Monday, April 03, 2000 - 02:55 pm: Edit

Sounds great Mikeh but thats not the type of pizza you can typically buy.
I used to work with a french baker in FL, every time I bought pizza in to work he said c'est gaz.
After a while I tasted the gaz too, he was right.

An interesting pizza I had used sliced cheese on the dough and the sauce on top.
When it cake out of the oven they added fresh spinach, olive oil and a splash of vinegar.

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