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Chocolate viscosity science project

The The Bakers Dozen: Chocolate viscosity science project
By rita gomez on Thursday, September 21, 2000 - 06:15 pm: Edit

My daughter needs to do a science project and is trying to think of somethin to do with the viscosity of chocolate. any suggestions?

By Ramodeo (Ramodeo) on Thursday, September 21, 2000 - 06:55 pm: Edit

Measuring the viscosity of choc. at different temperatures, tempered and not tempered...dark vs. semisweet vs milk chocolates...

Does she have access to a viscosity measurement device?

Does any one else have a recommendation for a reference book she could start out with?

By Mikeh (Mikeh) on Thursday, September 21, 2000 - 07:32 pm: Edit

The viscosity of chocolate is based on the amount of cocoa butter in it. More cocoa butter = lower viscosity. Milk chocolate generally has less cocoa butter, but that isn't always true.

The only books that I know of on the technical aspects of chocolate are really expensive. I have an article from the American Institute of Baking that was written by Guittard and may have some information in it.

Otherwise, you may want to try contacting Guittard. They are a very close family run company that manufactures very fine quality chocolate and I suspect you will get more help from them than calling Callebaut.

By Panini (Panini) on Friday, September 22, 2000 - 07:04 pm: Edit

There is a rep. that does the show circuit. I can't remember his last name but his first name is Wes.
Call Guittard and ask for his number, he is a great guy, he used to be my salesman here in Texas. He will help you if he can. You know his name might be Wes Phalen. I'm assuming viscosity testing is the same for all liquids.
Good luck

By rita gomez on Saturday, September 23, 2000 - 02:28 pm: Edit

Thanks for all the help. Her teacher has agreed to let her use this topic. She just has to work out some of the details and get research on the subject.

By rita gomez on Thursday, September 28, 2000 - 10:40 am: Edit

Is there anyway I can get the article from American Institute of Baking about chocolate from you ? We are in need of more research information for the science project?

By Mikeh (Mikeh) on Sunday, October 08, 2000 - 10:18 pm: Edit


I've been on vacation the last week, so I just got your message. I will look for the article and maybe I can mail or fax the pages to you.

By rita gomez on Tuesday, October 10, 2000 - 09:50 am: Edit

thanks! my e-mail is I don't have a fax but if you would e-mail me when you find it I can get a friends fax number to send it to. thanks a million.

By rita on Tuesday, October 10, 2000 - 09:55 am: Edit

thanks for recommending Guittard chocolate company . They have been wonderful, no other company returned our calls.

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