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What is up with this forum?!??

The The Bakers Dozen: What is up with this forum?!??
By Ramodeo (Ramodeo) on Wednesday, April 12, 2000 - 05:49 pm: Edit

Boy, I go on vacation for a week and things go nuts!

(Pause while she steps up onto her soapbox....)

After being away for a week plus and reading lots of posts at once to catch up, I am really supprised at the tone of several of the conversations. There are an awful lot of personal jabs being made on every side of each debate. I really think that takes away from the educational/professional value. Am I the only one?

I know I'm not in charge of this site, but I have gotten alot from it in the past and I care about the quality of the discussions. I will admit to being a strong proponent of civil discourse. It's one of my "issues".

I am especially bothered by a bias some posters seem to have against anyone who doesn't measure up to the "professional pastry chef" standard - whatever that is. This is called "The Bakers Dozen", not "Professional Pastry Chefs Only". Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought this was a forum for all those in, or interested in, the baking business. To me that includes everything from the student to the bread baker to the grocery store baker to the bakery owner to the certified pastry chef.

I hold a job titled "pastry chef", but I don't pretend to be certified, or to have all the training and experience that others have. I really have no interest in getting initials after my name, or measuring up to anyone elses standards. However, I am perfectly confident in my abilities, my intelligence, my skills and my professionalism and I will always work on learning more and getting better. I know there are lots more like me participating in this board. Just because any one of us has a certain opinion, or does something differently doesn't make he or she any less valuable to the discussion, right?

What I'm trying to get at is that we all have plenty to contribute, and I'd like to see us all be able to do that without being denigrated by others.

Stepping down from soapbox now, thanks for listening! :)

By Panini (Panini) on Wednesday, April 12, 2000 - 07:55 pm: Edit


By jeee2 on Wednesday, April 12, 2000 - 11:41 pm: Edit

George just closed the other thread in this vein , you want to start another just to keep it churning or give him a break ?

By Gord (Gord) on Wednesday, April 12, 2000 - 11:46 pm: Edit


I think a real telling point has been made by all this.

You simply aren't allowed to go on vacation again. :)


By Ramodeo (Ramodeo) on Thursday, April 13, 2000 - 01:27 pm: Edit

No, I don't want to keep anything "churning". Just expressing my opinion and hoping others will read it with an open mind - and hoping that expressing an opinion without attacking anyone else WILL give George a break.

And don't worry Gord - I won't be going on any vacations for quite a while now. My husband and I are soon to be closing on a location where we will be opening a bkfst and lunch spot - with lots of "mom's kitchen", homemade style baked goods. No napoleons here! :)

By jeee2 on Thursday, April 13, 2000 - 01:48 pm: Edit

< an opinion without attacking anyone else <

<no napoleons here<

Get the shovels out.

By Panini (Panini) on Thursday, April 13, 2000 - 07:01 pm: Edit

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now you two can work your butts off without compensation. And everybody will envy you.haha.
The best of luck to you and anything you may need just e-mail.
I finally got that last retail spot rocking and rolling, and just this week decided I needed to move my production kitchen into a building I can buy.I'm SO tired of the rent thing!
I know you will be cranking but keep us posted,concept,products etc.

By Ramodeo (Ramodeo) on Thursday, April 13, 2000 - 09:05 pm: Edit

Gerard -
Just what does "get the shovels out" mean?

By Ramodeo (Ramodeo) on Thursday, April 13, 2000 - 09:20 pm: Edit

Panini - Thanks for the kind words! We are excited, probably unreasonably so, but we'll enjoy it while we can.

We had a location that was available for lease, but it didn't work out due to an option to buy held by a third party. It turned out to be a good thing. The same day we found out the first spot wasn't going to work, we saw a new listing in the paper, for sale. Right across the street, better size, better layout, already a foodservice establishment, so less requirements with city codes, etc. Everything happens for a reason.

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