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By George (George) on Monday, September 25, 2000 - 09:49 pm: Edit

Hi Chef,
(Note: This is written assuming that you are computer literate, at a moderate user level, and have a good grasp of the basics)

Here is a link to the first site template.

It is a site containing separate linked pages for-
Presidents Message
Chef of the Month
Membership Information

The links are simple text links. Each sub-page is linked directly to the other pages.

To use the templates-
Create a directory on your hard drive to hold the files.

Then create a subdirectory called graphics below that one.

Open a new Browser window

Open Notepad or a text html Editor

Click on this link to go to the template site.

Follow the links to each page in the site.

On EACH Page-
Click on View Source (Netscape- View-Page Source Explorer- View-Source)
Ctrl-A (to select all)
Ctrl-C (to Copy)
Alt-Tab (to move to either Notepad or your text html editor)
Ctrl-P to paste the selected text.
Save each page by the name at the end of the URL, including the html extension.
Repeat until all pages have been copied and saved.

Now go to the directory with the graphics
Right Click on each graphic
Select "Save Image" as and save the image to the graphics directory we created above.

If you have followed all the directions above you should now be able to view those pages on your hard drive by using File-Open and selecting the correct directory.

This is a good start for step one. In the next step I'll go into how to actually edit the pages. This is all a lot easier that it sounds. By completing this exercise you will develop many of the skills needed to develop your own Chapter Website.

Questions are more than welcomed
All the Best,


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