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WFP Revisited July 17 - 09:43 am [4]

NEW- The Forums at have provided a discussion area for Chefs and Cooks for almost 10 years. This new area is for discussions of the articles from the condensed threads.

Please read the articles in full before commenting on them.

The Great Hall March 18 - 02:25 pm [6706]

General Pro Food Discussions and Meeting Place

Locker Room February 17 - 11:16 am [1371]

To give regular contributors a place to vent on issues not related to the business, food or cooking I have opened the Locker Room.
If you have not received a password many apologies, send me e-mail send me e-mail and Iíll send it to you.
(Assuming you are a regular contributor)

The Bakers Dozen June 03 - 07:22 pm [7744]

Professional Baking and Pastry Discussions
Our most active forum!

Caterers Corner July 26 - 10:16 pm [2045]

On and Off Premises Professional Catering Discussions


WanaBe a Chef January 26 - 10:27 pm [1246]

Think you WanaBe a Chef? It's NOT like on TV!

Food for Thought April 20 - 03:03 pm [76]

Food and Food Related Quotes. Have a good one? Share it!

Chefs Food Fight April 10 - 10:58 am [305]

Cooking For You August 23 - 10:01 pm [229]

Personal Chef and Home Meal Replacement Discussion Forum

Pro Cooking and Baking Tips and Tricks July 25 - 01:53 pm [493]

Pro Cooking and Baking Tips and Tricks (If you're looking for one post it here.)

Culinary Educators August 22 - 08:48 pm [155]

Culinary Educators and those that are interested in teaching in a Culinary Arts Program Forum.

The UnOfficial CIA Alumni Forum January 24 - 09:37 pm [111]

Culinary Institute of America Alumni Meeting Area

US Election 2004 May 02 - 11:12 am [1]

The US Presidential Elections in 2004 are already turning into one of the most contentious in recent history.

There are many issues, the biggest in my opinion is the quality of the employment opportunities, especially for Chefs and Foodservice professionals and the quality of life for working people as a whole.

Itís about jobs!

Food Styling December 10 - 01:56 am [113]

For folks that make food look good rather than taste good

Chef Webmaster Forum December 10 - 02:04 am [22]

Tech Tips April 12 - 08:41 am [5]

Information about Viruses Spyware and Computer Security issues you might have missed.

System Announcements January 22 - 04:31 pm [27]

Announcements and tips for making WFP more user friendly.

If there are new messages here please read them.