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Posted by Carl on September 09, 1998 at 00:18:20 :

In Reply to: Re: Legal Catering posted by Diane Placard on September 08, 1998 at 18:51:17 :

: Chill out, dufus. I will undercut you everytime and still make 100G this year. Hah Hah HAh

If you are claiming that you are an illegal caterer, we could care less how much or in your case how little money you make per year. (I laugh at 100g's) The fact that we play fair and you don't means you are the dufus.

For you to attack Mike Roman, who you obviously do not know, shows your extreme ignorance. Mike Roman has done more for caterers than any other human dead or alive. He is a wonderful man, very creative and knowledgeable. He is the founder and very popular leader of the CaterSource Journal and catering consulting firm. He had 1000 caterers at his last conference in Vegas, in January, who paid well over 1500.00 each to attend and hear his wisdom. You can visit his website and perhaps learn something.

How dare you come in here and bait us? So, I took the bait..... but everyone knows I love a good fight. Either come back in here with an intelligent debate or stay the hell out.

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