Frozen shipments

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Posted by Andrew on December 23, 1998 at 13:06:03 :

My wife makes and sells tamales(mostly to family, friends, and by word of mouth). She makes them fresh and then freezes them. There seems to be enough interest from out of towners for her to make a decent(secondary) income. Eventually (upon my retirement) would like to take it to a higher level. I have seen other companies that sell tamales over the internet and of course there's Omaha Steaks which ships their products in styrofoam containers with dry ice.
How can I obtain information on packing and shipping cost?(i.e to do it like Omaha does it)

Who sells those types of styrofoam containers?

What about a manufacturer, distributor and/or catalog/price list?

How long will frozen food stay frozen when packed in this manner?

This information and any other comments and additional information will be greatly appreciated.

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