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Posted by George on October 01, 1996 at 07:42:16 :

In Reply to: Are there any Proffessional Caters on this fourm? posted by Vincent Sorrentino on September 30, 1996 at 21:21:54 :

: I would like to exchange ideas on how to use the Web to
: promote my catering business. Anyone have any ideas!
: I have a web page, subscribed to all the search engines,
: but I can't say I have gained any business from it all.
: Please help!

: Thank you,
: Vincent Sorrentino

Hi Vinnie,

Ive run an off prem catering business and am now a director of F&B at a LI CC.

The key to getting results from a web site is to get your url out in your local area. Posting to serach engines will produce little results for such a localized endeavor.

Your URL should be on the front of your store in at least 9" letters. (Staples makes great banners cheep) Everyone that drives by will see it. It is also best to have your URL be closed to the name of your Business rather than a generic one like yours. There are lots of IPP that make it easy and relatively cheep to get a Vanity URL.

Secondly every piece of paper, napkin, bag, flier, business card, pencil, t-shirt, etc... should have your url on it.

Also consider making your site easier to read by using black letters on a white background. Black backgrounds with Colored letters look cool on a 15" SVGA Monitor but can be pretty difficult to read on a 9.5" Dual Scan Laptop. Also use a number list for mat for your check list, it will stand out better.

Best of luck


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