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Posted by artoeat on October 13, 1999 at 19:18:49 :

In Reply to: Re: RENTAL COST FOR CHURCH KITCHEN posted by Debbie on October 11, 1999 at 13:25:53 :

i rented a church kitchen for my catering kitchen and although it was hard to find once found it was the best situation i could have used. as deb mentioned being able to cordon off a section to store some of your stuff was important to me. alot less hauling. the church i used was a lebanese catholic church which didn't do any christmas or holiday events (another big plus) i did let them use my name for their wedding suggestions but was too high end for the events. i hired a person from the church to clean the kitchen when we were done (therefore it would be up to their "qualifications" and always had coffee and treats ready for the ancient roving father... i was charged $60/day and usually the days were at least 10 hr. days. i was also charged for the gas used $5.oo/hr. and this was on the honor system. for large jobs i was able to use the walkin but very rarely kept product there. we would prepare the food, bring it to my house and use a special reachin to store and take to the clients site. an added benifit to being certified at a church like that is that the health department must contact you before "dropping in" since your work is sporatic. hope this helps-artoeat

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