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Posted by Vicki Riv on November 27, 1999 at 19:30:09 :

In Reply to: Re: Chestnuts posted by D. Sleigh on December 21, 1998 at 20:33:05 :

: : Cut an X on the flat part or you'll be exploding chefs nuts by an open fire.

: : Cheers, Gerard

: Hey, Gerard, that was a swell reply. But, how does one actually roast them after cutting an "x" on the flat side? There are roasting pans, with holes cut in them. Some (street vendors) seem to get the job done with a low charcoal fire. The old Joy of Cooking suggested throwing them in a fire and letting them blow up ( no little "x", eh?). So, how about some comprehensive chestnut advice, a primer?

I remember chestnuts from my childhood in So Philly. Had some in Paris last year and they brought back a flood of memories. Here are 2 methods: oven method:slash thru the shells on the flat side of the nuts. place cut side up on a baking sheet roast at 400 degrees f hot oven until tender, about 20 minutes insert fork thru cut in shell to test tenderness.
fire method: make a cut in the round side of each, put chestnuts in pan, sprinkle them with water, cover them, set the pan over medium flame. shake the pan frequently and continue to roast until skins are blackened and pulled back from the meat where you cut them about 5 to 10 minutes, if charring you didn't shake enuf. wrap the hot chestnuts in an old towel squeeze them hard to crush the skins let them sit for 5 minutes. open the towel and enjoy. you can buy a chestnut roasting pan or buy a cheap skillet and punch holes in it with a thick nail.
hope this helps........Happy Holidays

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