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Posted by sherri on March 05, 19100 at 07:49:12 :

In Reply to: food for an art gallery opening posted by michele on March 02, 19100 at 19:55:46 :

Michelle, we get lots of requests for bid like this. How we handle is it to give them a bid that matches their budget. In your case, for $400, I would first back out about $100 for myself. Then I would put together something for about $300. In this case I think the cake and punch or coffee is good.

I write that down in my proposal as Menu Option A. I then create Menu Option B and Menu Option C. Option C is a more realistic quote for the job. Maybe they spend about $2500 and I give them Cake, Punch, Coffee and some hot or cold hors, not both. I tell them exactly how much they will be getting of each. X-number of pieces of cake, x-number of gallons of punch, etc. I let them know that will feed x-number of people and for x-number of dollars I can bump up the quantities. Then I give them Option B, which is right between the budget they throw at me and my Option C. 9 out of 10 times, they go for Option B.

Here is an example: We had a request for 400 for dessert and coffee on a Tuesday at 4pm. Their budget was $2.25 per guest. On my proposal, I offered them Cookies, our Double Fudge Brownies, Coffee and service staff for that price. That was Menu Option A. For menu Option B, I added an assortment of Miniature gourmet desserts - chef's choice for this price, of course. Price was $4.00 per guest. On Menu Option C, I gave them the full-blown gourmet dessert table, fresh fruit and cheese displays, coffee, punch, etc. $7.50 per guest. I also included an upgrade option for our Gourmet Coffee Table at $2.75 per guest and noted that linens and skirting were additional charges. Plus tacked on our 15% service fee.

The company selected the Menu Option B and Added the gourmet Coffee Table. I got $6.75 per guest, even though their budget was in the $2 range per guest.

When you use this technique, make sure you write with with lots of delicious description. It helps you sell the higher priced menu.

You know, sometimes, the client does not even know what their budget is and just throws out something hoping to get the best price. We just give them what they are looking at and tempt, tempt, tempt at what they could have if they dug a lot deeper into those pockets.


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