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Posted by Robyn Erickson, By Invitation Only... Catering on March 18, 19100 at 15:22:42 :

In Reply to: How do you find us ? posted by Ron on March 18, 19100 at 12:08:03 :

: How would you us ?

: 1 Cater

: 2 Caterer

: 3 Caterers

: 4 Catering

: Also what search terms broad enough to convey a wide range of service ?

: Just wondering if any have thought how clients would find you if they
: are looking for your
: services. I'm finding that even my most current trip back to the
: classroom last year did not
: address this issue of marketing in the Internet age. A call back to my
: marketing teacher said good
: point but no information was available in text book form specific to
: hospitality yet.

: I have spent hours looking for Internet marketing and have learned a
: LOT, but nothing specific to
: food. To be honest the food site builders that I saw, did not thrilled
: me.


: Ron

I know that when I look for other caterers I use "caterers" in the search engine. It appears to be more specific. I then use advance search to narrow down states and cities. I guess it depends on the search engine you are picked up by. In your area I would link with San Francisco City Search if they extend their area beyond San Francisco. Link from Wedding planners, party supply, etc. Hope this helps. Good luck. You have a wonderful and very informative website.


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