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Posted by Robyn Erickson, By Invitation Only... Catering on March 18, 19100 at 20:23:34 :

In Reply to: Re: They should already know where you are. posted by Timothy Banning on March 18, 19100 at 18:30:06 :

: Ron,
: You probably already know all this but just in case.

: All those words would be good to use in your keyword meta tag. Also any possible alternate spellings of those words might be a good idea.

: The algorithms and rules that search engines and directories use for ranking web sites change so often that it takes a full time effort to keep your ranking just in the top 5-7 Search Engine/Directories. So unless you can afford to spend the time or pay someone to do it, different tactics are in order.

: I think the trick is for your customer to all ready know where to find your site when they need you, to have your name and URL even before they know they need you. Which is the same way word of mouth advertising works.

: First make sure your site is optimized. Use your meta tags properly and use your key words in your text in the proper proportions. Develop a site that is more than an electronic Brochure. It should be a resource for customers and potential customers.

: Buy space in local Portals, all the bride magazines seem to have them now, that people would turn to first when looking for a Caterer.

: Another is to visit bulletin boards that people visit that are looking for caterers or just foodie bulletin boards. You can't do a blatant advertisement but giving helpful advice and then signing of with a signature would be allowed. (See mine at the end of this posting.)

: Finally put your URL on every piece of collateral your have.

: Timothy Banning
: Editor
: Society of Mad Chefs
: Straddling the Paradox of Profit and Art_All Chefs Must Be Mad

Great website!

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