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Posted by Carl on April 10, 19100 at 03:29:20 :

In Reply to: catering truck posted by finjowil on April 09, 19100 at 22:40:06 :

: I am in the Tampa area and I am tring to start a construction site catering service. Does any one know where any trucks are and can any one give me any tips on starting/maintaining the business ?
: thanks finjowil

I can give you lots of tips... what do you know about "the business" now??? How is your accounting background? Foodservice product knowledge? how about food protection and sanitation background?? Know anything about quantitative analysis of business??? What about marketing? Who is your competition? What is your product? What is your competitive strategy, (lower price, better selection, better food?)
Have you prepared a income proforma statement?

Generally when someone asks such a general question it means they dont know what they dont know or they dont know what questions to ask specifically because they have no clue or they are casually thinking about the field and won't take enough time to pose questions that will get them the answers they need....

So, dont take offense to my bluntness here... I think I speak for the rest of the professionals here by saying we would love to advise you if you are serious....

As you can see, I have already written a longer response than the inquiry you posed.... So, give us some more information, or be more specific with your questions......

As far as a catering truck, there are many manufacturers... I would not purchase a new truck since there are several out there from those who failed to do there homework and did not make it... so you may check on and see what used ones are available there or check with the Tampa area restaurant supply companies in your yellow pages..

I wish you the best of luck in your business venture..


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