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Posted by Carl Jones on April 10, 19100 at 03:42:41 :

In Reply to: Floral/Catering Inquiry posted by Case on April 04, 19100 at 11:33:29 :

: Greetings fellow Caterers-
: I need some insight into dealing with my florist. How or should I work out a rebate system with our florist when it comes to referrals. Both of us send each other a lot of business, and we're both receptive to the idea of a finders/referral rebate...but how do we get started? Any insight would be greatly obliged.
: Graciously,
: Case Dighero

Careful Case, you have a wonderful idea here and I will answer the question by saying I would start with 3% of the food revenue on an event as a "finder's fee".... but you need to know if there are any other florists referring clients to you that you may alienate by solely referring to your florist friend... I try to befriend as many of the other vendors as possible and not get too exclusive.... If they want to exclusively referred TO you, great, give them all 3%.... but be careful before referring too many the other way.... You will not make that much money in the referring business, but you will make a LOT of money paying out 3% for the referrals....(3% is very affordable advertising... and it is guaranteed!!! cause you dont pay it until you get the job and get paid) Excellent idea Case...

You get a 6000.00 wedding and pay a 180.00 finder's fee? The person who gets the check for 180.00 will think they have just found easy money and will refer countless others to you... Make sure you have a definitive policy on "true" leads and how they will be paid so you don't have any misunderstandings...

Let me know how it goes...

Carl Jones

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