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Posted by Sam Sears, CEC on April 26, 19100 at 22:36:29 :

In Reply to: Pig Roast posted by Barbara on April 26, 19100 at 00:26:31 :

: Our town is having a festival and I am working with a local rest. to do roast pigs which we will carve for sandwiches. I think the visual of the pigs "hot off the grill" as well as the aroma will be great. I have in the past done pigs on a flat grill, but have made arrangements to purchase two rotissare type cookers which will give a the ability to cook 3 pigs at a time. I just found out today that they are advertising on the tv, radio, and newpaper ads so I believe there are going to be many more people then originaly expected. I am now thinking that I need to start cooking several days ahead of time, chill the pigs before they are totaly done and then put them back on the grill the day of the festival. I believe this way I will have a better chance of keeping up with the crowd. How done should I get them in the begining? We are going to do sandwiches and maybe a plate with roll, potato salad and beans?, the suggestion has been put forward to charge $3.00 per sand. I am thinking more. I know at art shows, craft fairs, and other festivals I have been to in the South that you pay $3.00 for a hot dog and am thinking that we should charge at least $3.50 to $3.75. and at least $1.50 more for the plate. Any imput anyone could provide would be great, good and bad, anything that I' m overlooking, what your experiences have been. The extimates on people run from 5,000 to 20,000, of course we won't be the only vendors but being by the rest. I think will attract a fair number of people. Thank you for your help with this, as I am new to this area I want to make a good impression. I also want to thank you for the help you have given in the past, it's been great. Barbara

In my professional opinion, it would not be "safe" to cook to a certain point & chill, first it will take several hours to overnight to completly chill down a suckling pig 65 - 75 then try to reheat...much too long in Danger Zone...This is what we would do.....roast several pigs the days prior and bone and pan, then have several pigs roasted and held hot to carve as your event starts and have as many as you need on the grills cooking during....that way you can re-heat the meat that you roasted early, have in chafers, carving the one coming right out "for show" and some cooking for show OR to serve later in the day or event.........just my thoughts..........Sam Sears, CEC

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