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Posted by Case Dighero on May 16, 19100 at 17:19:11 :

Greetings fellow caterers-
I'm in a bit of a catering quandary. We've made the decision to contract out our staff for off-site premise catering via a local reputable staffing agency. This is great because it allows me to focus on other more important areas of the business such as quality control and solicitation...and why not allow the staffing agency do what they do best, which is recruit and train quality servers to work my parties. We've also jointly designed a training program for prospective employees that clearly outlines all of the guidelines and pre-requisites that are connected to our company. A must.
But, how do we approach certain liabilities? For instance, what if one of their bartenders serves somebody too much to drink and then there's an accident? Obviously, the staffing agency is held liable...but this is scaring them. any insight or advice would be greatly obliged.

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