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Posted by sam sears, cec on September 08, 19100 at 21:38:57 :

In Reply to: Catering my own wedding!?! posted by Laura on September 08, 19100 at 15:10:24 :

: I am considering catering my own wedding. I expect we will have approximately 100 people - and I am unsure of what to do. I would like to have a sit down dinner, but I don't know how I could prepare the dinners the day before and have them heated by dinner time. So, I am considering just doing heavy hors d'oeuvres. Can you give me any suggestions for easy hors d'oeuvres - and ones that I could prepare in advance. I also need food that would be easy to serve - without much refrigeration/heating needed. My wedding will be lakeside with coolers and propane stoves as our only close means of cooling and heating. I am looking at things that I can put in ziplock bags, and prepare easily. I am also looking at renting a "hot box" or two for the hot foods - but I am wondering how long foods will stay hot in these contraptions. I have taken a food safety class, so I am familiar with the under 40 degrees, over 140 degrees rule for food. I am considering having: cheese and crackers, vegetables and different dressings, fruits, pita wedges and dips, and frozen phyllo appetizers.

: Any suggestions would be appreciated

Personnaly as a professional caterer, I don't think you should be concerning yourself on your wedding day w/ catering......I'm sure I speak for all professional caterers that this is a very specialized business best left to professionals, not meaning to rain on your parade, but sometimes when one tries to save so much $$$, and do things themselves, it ends up costing more in dollars & headaches, than if you shopped for a reasonable catering firm & paid them to do their jobs.......just my thoughts....sam sears, cec

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