Re: Catering my own wedding!?!

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Posted by Ron on September 10, 19100 at 21:38:58 :

In Reply to: Catering my own wedding!?! posted by Laura on September 08, 19100 at 15:10:24 :

Hi Laura

Well as a caterer and a newly wed I have to say Sam and Tim put it very well. My wife and I got married in February this year so I can give you a bit of back ground. Our Biz is located in Northern California and I was not about to cater our wedding to people who know the type of catered we do. What I did do though was to travel back east and do a dinner for 45 on my future in-laws. This though took me a week to plan and make connections. I prepped for 3 days for dinner. Also I should say my wife's uncle owns a bar and grill where I had access to his walk in and commercial range. Dinner was on a Sunday at 5pm. I was in the kitchen that morning at 8 am. I used all the tricks I know to be done when the first guest showed up. Every one offered help in cleaning up but it still need someone to captain the efforts.

From my experience and personal parties we through , you will not be able to relax. Have you contacted a restaurant, or culinary department at a local collage? Or at the least hire DEDICATED servers to present the food and clean up.

Hope this helps

Ron Edwards
Catering Chef
Classic Kitchen Associates Caterers
Sonoma Wine Country Weddings and Events

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