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Posted by Sam Sears, CEC on September 13, 19100 at 18:02:16 :

In Reply to: Question concerning tipping.... posted by Brenda on September 13, 19100 at 16:02:24 :

: I have had my own catering business (small) for the last 11 years. Very few times for private parties have I ever been tipped. Of course food is excellent and service the same. I'm thinking it's because it's my business and that's why I'm not getting tipped. Here's the question. I have two friends, who have helped me before when I cannot be at the party, who are doing this Halloween party for me. I know in advance that this hostess plans on tipping. She wanted me to lower the price a little (I changed the menu of course) to meet this group's budget because she wanted to be able to add the tip and taxes and still come within what they want to spend. Ok, do I give the two ladies who are doing the party for me ALL the tip (which seems fair) or do I keep it and tip them something different? Thanks for your comments.

While I'm sure every firm does things a little different, but here is the way I have found is the most fair to all definition a tip is a "gratuity" which is totally at the discretion of the client, any other automatic, mandatory or contracual charges are paid to the firm to do with as they please.........if a client tips over & above the invoice amount, that amount is divided evenly between all who worked the event..that is set up & tear down crews, front of the house captains, dishwash/utility, culinary, bartenders, servers &/or owners of the business, remember I said evenly.......this way no one feels left out & harbours bad feelings.....remember employees who run events, especially when the owner is not present on site, can make or break you.......just my thoughts...sam sears, cec

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