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Posted by Nancy B on September 23, 19100 at 01:14:39 :

In Reply to: Still looking for menu to serve 150 posted by Brenda on September 18, 19100 at 18:12:45 :

: at a standup party. No one will be able to be seated. Last year the caterer did paella for a $10 per person charge. Any ideas appreciated

Hi! I am delurking with a suggestion (did catering for 16+ years before retiring, still come out of retirement for occasional; family/friend events.) :-)

I have done a lot of charity/church stuff, too, which means budget but good. One "famous" (infamous?) menu I did probably 14 times for different group one Xmas season was Baked Ziti, Caesar Salad, French Bread,and Assorted Pick-up Sweets -- all for $10 and under, depending on the group. It's easy to eat w/ a fork while standing up, easy to prep same menu for meat/vegetarian, and great food cost.

Another one was to do a Chicken and Spiced Cous Cous dish, with chick peas, artichoke hearts, peppers, sundried tomatoes, etc. Served with same stuff listed above, and can easily convert a percentage of serving to vegetarian if need be. This also had great food cost.

(used to do a lot of jambalya and paella, too, but it can get boring after a while :-) Whole wheat cous cous is versitile, earthy and "exotic" without being too weird for most guests.)

The assorted pick-up sweets were things like brownies, blondies, zuchinni bread, pumpkin cake, pound cake, etc, sliced and plattered. All are easy to make ahead and freeze, then slice and platter the day of the event.

Hope this helps!! This brings back memories -- I was once the queen of the $8 charity luncheon! I considered them loss-leaders, since they often generated a lot of followup wedding work. But with 150 count, there should still be some margin inthere for you. Good luck!

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