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Posted by Sam Sears, CEC on September 25, 19100 at 18:44:43 :

In Reply to: Re: You aren't legal? posted by Brenda on September 23, 19100 at 20:21:33 :

: No I'm not legal. Sorry I got you upset. I do have insurance and pay my taxes for the last 11 years (I will check the policy and if that's not enough I would get a personal umbrella policy to cover myself) I can't tell you how many caterers (whether it is right or wrong) that I have encountered in 3 different states that I have lived in who caterered from their homes. (Doctor's wives, home ec teacher, secretaries, exec. wife -- doesn't make it right, but it does happen.) I really don't want to be forced to go out and rent space because, frankly my business is only sporadic. I do a few business luncheons and my specialty is cocktail parties and sweets. I have had a food safety course and of course that doesn't matter I guess if I'm catering without a license. But I do know how to handle food properly and safely. There are so many people in my area that either do baking of cakes/desserts or caterers like myself who cater out of their homes. I know of two that actually belong to the Chamber of Commerce. All of my jobs I get by word of mouth. I haven't advertised in papers etc. because I do work out of my home. I don't want to step on anyone's toes, but I don't think I'm a threat to any of the big caterering outfits (although, I've been told my appetizers beat them all)

: I don't think I have failed at all. After 11 years, I'm still doing this. But like I said, on a small scale and don't really want to get any bigger.

: I'm sorry I have admitted to this, now I will probably never get a response from anyone.

Well Carl & I have encountered un-approved caterers a lot, three points:...1) no matter how many do it, it is still illegal...2) I have addressed the issue of liability insurance several months ago, and that gentleman told me he had paid his premiums for years and never had a problem and always got insurance ect...I know more about insurance in this business than I ever cared to know, its a long story and was an expensive one too! (we're talking about 16,000K I lost), there is a clause in all standard commericial lines policies that states " we will not insure against any illegal activity on the part of the insured", that is a direct quote, and after I emailed this gentleman that, he countered that he would check his policy & check w/ his agent, and low & behold there is was in black & white, and he granted me my due that he was not covered.....and no umbrella policy covers illegal or unauthorized activity, no matter how many premiums you pay, the only thing you might get, is your premiums back....3) I, a legal caterer, got a call on a thursday afternoon regarding catering a wedding on that saturday, I had to pick up the pieces because the caterer the bride had contracted w/ could not produce a license to operate & reliable insurance to cover liability..the victim in this case was the bride...these are the facts.......pls email me personally if you wish......sam sears, cec

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