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Posted by Sam Sears, CEC on October 14, 19100 at 22:53:21 :

In Reply to: rented kitchens posted by christi on October 14, 19100 at 08:51:16 :

: I have found I cannot work out of my home. My kitchen does not meet all the requirements, as I
: anticipated it would not. A friend has offered for me to use his kitchen, at one of his restaurants.
: My question is- Is the restaurant responsible in any way, shape or form? It is the perfect solution to
: my problem, but I do not want my friend to be held accountable. Any information pertaining to 'renting'
: kitchens would be very useful to me. Feel free to contact me directly at
: Christi

Christi, first you must have the kitchen owner draw up a lease agreement that specifically absolves him/her of any responsiblity for your catering actions, then your general liability policy should list him/her/their company as an "addtional insured" to protect them from any lawsuits that may arrise from your operations...the agreement should spell out what the lessor is responsible for & what the lessee is responsible for, times you can use the kitchen, space for your dry, refer & frz storage, and make sure you have insurance coverage to cover your property & inventory while it is on thier premises, in case something untoward happens to the the building.....hope this helps....sam

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