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Posted by Carl on October 16, 19100 at 15:31:25 :

In Reply to: bridal shows posted by kim on October 16, 19100 at 08:52:10 :

: Have any of you ever tried pushing your catering business through bridal shows and do you have any suggestions?

Yes, Kim, I have. I find them to be not very productive for the money spent on the booth space. If you are fortunate enough to not pay for space then maybe....

Most attendees are NOT serious brides, but rather people looking for free stuff.... And the ones who are brides (in my area), 90% are planning on catering themselves or using illegal home based caterers.

For your reference, the booth here costs 600.00.... I actually got a 1200.00 space which was prime and double spaced..... we had lots of pictures taken of our booth, but most said they were doing it themselves.... Also, I worked a trade with the local radio station who sponsors it, so I didnt actually PAY 1200.00.... if you know what I mean.... LOL...

Sometimes you can work a deal with the show to serve punch and cookies to the attendees in return for free space.... (i find that few caterers have a booth)

I didnt serve ANYTHING... I had a beautiful display that was "display only" otherwise it would have been messed up by all the glutons and I would miss the opportunity to talk to serious brides while refilling the food.... No Thanks!!!


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