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Posted by Carl on October 17, 19100 at 18:48:22 :

In Reply to: catering busines posted by Marcela Ch. on October 17, 19100 at 17:23:47 :

: 10-17-00
: Hi" my name is Marcela and I'm a food vender, but Iam trying to star a caterig business, and I want to do this the raight way, and I don't know what to charge.

So Marcela, do you have a specific question???

What you charge for your services can be based upon several things, starting with your expenses. You have to bring in more money than you pay out or you won't last long, but you should already know that.

Is there a formula? Not really, but I have seen others use a 3 times the food cost plus 20%..... But, I say charge as much as the market will bare!!! Price your competition and see what they charge for their services. I am not the cheapest caterer in my market, in fact most of the time, I am the most expensive. Also, I am the busiest. Not bragging, but just wanted to show that price is not always the most important issue.

Are you catering from your home? Do you have a facility? Please give more details so we can better help you...


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