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Posted by Rich Rund on November 02, 19100 at 12:55:11 :

I have developed a system that anyone can definitly use.
it features :

Customer DB
Event DB
Menu DB
Menu Items DB
Inventory DB
Supplies DB
Equipment DB
Service DB

and some other optional stuff.

Most importantly it will organize your operations and information, with complete costing capabilities.
It is a very simple database that is maintence free and easy to learn.

Confirmation letter
Kitchen Production
Delivery Sheet
MOD Report

Let me know if your interested.

I own my own catering company which does approximately 1 million in sales. I decided to program this system in response to all the other "Garbage Softwares" on the market. This system is simple and to the point. Out of spite for all the scam artists out selling junk, I want to distibute it for free. Let me know what you think

Contact me to download the software from my web site :

Rich Rund
Hospitality Direct
phone: (716)704-1159

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