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Posted by sam sears, cec on November 15, 19100 at 19:57:21 :

In Reply to: catering golf outting posted by Jon K on November 15, 19100 at 15:31:20 :

: We are invited to put a proposal for a Golf Course in our area. They are going to have three caterers to select from. I was wondering if anyone has some good ideas that would help in my prsentation. I'm going to bring sample BBQ menus, Photos of different events that we have done and picture of our BBQ Grill on a trailer that would be used at each events. Any input will help.

: Thanks,

I would give many different packages to choose from, we do quite a few "golf outings" at a private course in the next county, some start w/ outdoor bbq type foods, or deli buffets or even boxed meals that they can go on and take on the course, and end up with a nice buffet dinner for their awards, sometimes if budgets permit, this can be quite pricey.....and we like that! my point is to give your potential clients choices, so that they see that you can do a myriad of types of catering...just my thoughts.....sam sears, cec

: Jon

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