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Posted by Jason on November 18, 19100 at 04:19:48 :

In Reply to: Re: Banquet Chef posted by Sam Sears, CEC on November 17, 19100 at 18:02:49 :

: : I just got promoted to banquet chef and i'am in search of a new title besides "Banquet Chef" it sounds so hotelish . Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated . Jackets are on there way to be embroidered . Please Help ASAP..Thanks in advance

: In the old days & in some current kithcens the upper level chefs are called - "Chef de Cusine" - or "Exec Sous Chef" which is 2nd in charge and then sous chef for the chefs under him/her....hope this don't go calling yourself "Certified" at any chef level unless you are certified by the ACF - American Culinary Federation...go over to site for info regarding certification by this organization - the only one recognized by the Federal Gov't to certify chefs....Sam Sears, CEC

Thanks for the help . I just visited the site and I see what I need to do to be Certified . I graduated from Culinary School 6months ago so I'm halfway there . Thanks again . Any other advice would greatly be appreciated .

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