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Posted by Bob Kinkade on November 21, 19100 at 23:51:44 :

In Reply to: Re: Table Skirting and table Cloths posted by sam sears, cec on November 16, 19100 at 19:36:20 :

: : Does anyone know of a linen wholeseller where I can buy direct Cloth (not plastic) skirting and top covers for setting up six foot tables. Tired of renting and would like to purchase my own. The rentals are always so stained that you end up trying to hide the bad spots. Have found several companies but all seem to be pushing plastic (yeech). Anyone?

: I don't know of any off hand, but if you contact a reputable rental firm and ask about their linen supplier (now I'm not talking about a nationwide linen rental company, but a local firm), or look in the classified ads from magazines such as "Special Events" & "Catering Today" OR go post this question on the "other" catering bbs services,,,such as & if you are on AOL (keyword:Catering)....hope this helps.....but remember washing, drying & ironing linen is not easy........Sam Sears, CEC

I have purchased skirting from "Display Products" for quite often and have found them to be reputable, fair and reasonable. I spot my skirting before washing, wash it in warm water using a good (not el-cheapo) detergent, and dry it briefly on a permenant press cycle. It takes a small amount of effort, but the results are worth it to me. I have skirting when I need it, do not have linen company rags and can afford several different colors with the savings. Look them up at and ask for Edie if you call. Good luck!

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